Master your camera in a weekend

so you have beautiful photos of your family for a lifetime.

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I bet you've had a camera for a while and you've been wondering how the heck to use it.

You probably bought it to take photos of your kids thinking you could learn it really quickly... and then you turned it on and you were completely overwhelmed.

This course is designed to help you set up your camera quickly so you can start creating beautiful photos NOW.

It's no fluff, just the basics of what you NEED to know so you aren't wasting time.

Learn ONLY what you need to know to create beautiful photos at home

with a course that's short and to the point... that you can finish in a weekend!


Decide what equipment you need to create beautiful photos at home the easiest way possible.


Learn how to use your camera, settings, shoot in manual, and use the light you have to create lifetime memories like a pro.


Determine where you want to display your gorgeous images, and how you want to store them so they are never lost.

"Tracy is a fantastic instructor. She is enthusiastic about the content and is very knowledgeable about the craft of photography. She is quick with answering questions and provides structured guidance. I would recommend her course without hesitation."


What you'll get:

Lesson 1: Equipment
Figure out exactly what equipment you REALLY need.

Lesson 2: Camera Basics
You'll know exactly how to set up your camera by the end of this lesson.

Lesson 3: Camera Settings
The exposure triangle, white balance, and more! You'll be able to shoot in manual with some practice.

Lesson 4: Professional Photos at Home
Learn how to take your photos from amateur to pro quality with a few tips and tricks.

Lesson 5: Editing and Storage
Figure out what the heck to do with your photos after you take them with this lesson.

Lesson 6: Display Your Art
Where to order... what to order... You'll learn it here. 

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How long will it take me to go through the course?
It should only take a weekend, but photography is something you will spend the rest of your life improving!

Do I get lifetime access?
Of course! You get lifetime access for the life of the course.

Will I be able to ask you questions if I need support?
You can email me at any time!

What's the refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of courses, there is a no refund policy.

When can I get started?
How about now? Click the button below!


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